I learned how to draw through figure drawing at Rutgers University, and have never lost my love of it. The classes were quite open, which allowed an experimenter like me to try a variety of mediums and approaches during a session. I’ve always been a line guy and enjoy looking for that expressive mark and/or texture to help convey the figure. Thank you Lloyd McNeill and Darrell Wilson for allowing me the freedom to explore.

You will notice some drawings marked with VSC, which refers to the wonderful Vermont Studio Center. I’ve been there on two residencies. VSC offers daily figure drawing, which was heaven to me. You might also notice one drawing marked as being done during a figure drawing marathon. We did those once a year or so at Rutgers. 24 hours of figure drawing, with models coming in for three hour shifts. When I taught figure drawing at UWSP, I continued those marathons. We probably did four or five of them. I made it through 24 hours each time.

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