I painted in oil paints throughout most of my painting life, from college until 2016.  Most of the paintings presented here are based upon the figure in some way, shape or form. Some of the works are my interpretation of elements of the body’s interior, while others reference the figure in pod, sac, or Japanese zushi shrine forms. I’ve long been enthralled by seeds, whether as pods or aerodynamic forms fluttering through the air.

Process has always been important to me, as is leaving the traces of what came before.  Part of the process included drawn and textural mark-making, which led to working on canvas stretched over cradled boards, giving me a firmer surface to work on.  I haven’t painted in oils since 2016, switching over to acrylics and mixed-media work in 2017.  Those materials have been allowed me to make the marks and imagery that feel most genuine to me.

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