I’ve done a bit of freelance illustration over the years, starting with my time in Houston in the mid-1980s. I had taken one illustration course with Paul Bruner at Rutgers, and with my small illustration portfolio in-hand, I met with Catherine McIntosh, the Art Director for Houston City Magazine. It turned out that Catherine’s father was a sculptor and she was on the lookout for artists who could illustrate. My work was always concept-driven, which is what she was looking for. I did monthly illustrations for the magazine over a two-year period, usually accompanying Douglas Milburn’s writing, as he enjoyed my work. Later on, I was able to sneak two spot illustrations into the New York Times Book Review, as well as doing a couple of pieces for The Progressive. There are a couple of album cover illustrations done for The World is Quiet Here, along with some unpublished stuff. I’ll be adding to this gallery as I unearth more material.

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