Out With the Old…

The old website, that is…

22 years ago I worked with a wonderful web designer from New Zealand named Chae Reilly. Chae helped me create my first website:

A bit cringe-worthy, no? There were the early days of working with Joomla-based websites and I worked with Chae for many years, as he created and recreated sites for me. Sadly due to the growth of the template-based sites, Chae closed his doors a few years ago, leaving me in the good hands of the Fast Comet folks. The world of WordPress was new to me, but after tackling five websites, I decided it was time to quit procrastinating and update this website.

I anticipate using the blog to highlight updates, such as new landscape or figure drawings, or updates in the world of Free Association Funnies.

I don’t maintain any sort of e-commerce presence, but if you see anything you like in the website, if it’s available, we can chat.

Many thanks for checking the site out!

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